How TransferKit Works?

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What is TransferKit?

TransferKit is a simple application built upon the Filecoin network. TransferKit relies on decentralized storage to store your files. Unlike traditional servers which are prone to hardware failure, cyber-attacks, decentralized storage is a distributed network with many participants providing storage capacity.

This model inherently builds in redundancy that provides resilience against failure and attacks, as well as enhanced performance due to the geographical localization offered by a large network of distributed storage providers.

While you don't need to understand decentralized storage to use TransferKit, if you're curious, read on.

If TransketKit is built on Filecoin, how does Filecoin work?

While I cannot go over all the technical details, I'll quickly explain how TransferKit uses the Filecoin network.

The Filecoin network and its namesake token FIL (or ⨎ for short) were created to incentivize storage providers on the network to agree to storage deals. Leveraging Filecoin's vast network of storage providers & security systems in place by Filecoin like Proving Algorithms (Proves the storage provider is really storing the said data), Proof of replication (Proves that a given storage provider is storing a unique copy of a client's original data), Proof of Spacetime (Proves that the client's data is stored continuously over time) we can confidently say your data will be saved overtime at no cost to you.

In addition to this proof system, the Filecoin network also relies on game-theoretic incentives to discourage malicious or negligent activity. In order to become a Filecoin storage provider, all potential providers must provide collateral in the form of FIL when agreeing to a storage deal. Additionally, any storage provider that fails Proof-of-Spacetime checks is penalized, loses a portion of their collateral and is eventually prevented from offering storage to clients again.

Checkout   Filecoin Docs for the technical explaination.


What is TransferKit?

TransferKit is a decentralized file transfer & cloud sharing platform. You can share & store an unlimited number of all types of files/videos/images/docs etc on TransferKit for FREE! Your files are stored on a decentralized network forever. No more 7 day limits.

Is TransferKit safe?

TransferKit uses end-to-end encryption so your data is always safe & stored securely. But the only problem with a decentralized network is anyone can access your file if they have the link to it. We recommend not uploading or transferring any sensitive material because let's face it if companies like Google can have data leaks then anyone can. If you are worried, you can add your files into a zip with a password & upload it & no one should be able to crack it (not at least for 100 years).

Can I send sensitive data with TransferKit?

We recommend adding a password to your zip files before you send sensitive files/docs/images etc. If you do not know how to add a password to your zip, check out  this guide.

How is TransferKit Free?

TransferKit runs on blockchain technology maintained by Filecoin. We are excited to bring users a free and 10x good alternative to traditional file transfer apps which costs money. While we don't have storage costs we do have website maintenance and server costs to host the website, feature costs to add & improve features on the website. If you can, please consider donating as it helps us keep this website running!

Do you have access to my data?

No, your files are stored on a decentralized network. No one except for people with links have the access to the data.

What is the 32GB upload limit?

You can upload files up to 32GB in one go. If your file size is more than 32GB then you'll have to split the file & upload it twice. There is no limit to how many times you upload the files. You can upload a 100GB file but divide it 3 times. We will implement an updated limit in the upcoming versions if possible in the future!

How long will be my files stored?

Your files are stored forever! That's no joke. We recommend you not upload any files you do not want on the internet forever.

What if my data is deleted?

Your files are stored on 7 different locations & many servers at the same time. The chance of your files getting deleted is less than 0.1%.

I have questions that are not in this FAQ?

Please email us at hey [@] & we'll be happy to answer any question you have.

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